Crimean Cinderella

I have no bloody idea about what this is about (and wish I did) plus it's a very beautiful video

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Beautiful soundtrack, gorgeous girl and some Russian guy called Alexander reciting poetry. A little NSFWish but pretty neat all the same.

Topless bathing on the wane

Bondi Beach is not alone in seeing a decline in topless bathing

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A major Australian newspaper today has reported on a disturbing trend, the disappearance of topless bathing across Australia's beaches. This is something that has been quite noticeable of late and to some extent has baffled locals, particularly as it happened without intervention from authorities, without the hullaballoo from citizen agitators or, really, without anyone noticing.

Music We're Diggin - Skylar Fri - Man is Strange

Haunting, soaring electo pop. You just wait till you hear this awesome sound.

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Skylar Fri, a bit like a grown up Lorde or thoughtful Lana Del Ray, The XX and a bit of... something I can't put my finger on, almost OMD, Tangerine Dream, or even Cliff Martinez (Drive). Do yourself a favour and listen to this. You'll love it and when it kicks in at 1:20, oh my goodness, pure audio pleasure.


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